Experts on renewed fighting in Karabakh" />

What will Georgia do in the case that the war in Karabakh is levied?

Experts on renewed fighting in Karabakh

Sergi Kapanadze, expert and co-founder of the Georgian Reforms Association (GRASS), commented on the recent developments in Karabakh on his Facebook page. In Kapanadze’s opinion, in the case of large-scale hostilities in Karabakh, Georgia cannot stay out of the processes.

‘The situation in Karabakh has seriously worsened. There is a high probability of large-scale military action. If a war breaks out, one should remember that Georgia will have to decide on the following issues:

– Will we let Russian aircrafts pass through our territory to assist Armenia?

– Will we let Turkish troops or any other aid pass through our territory en route to Azerbaijan?

– Will we let Russian convoy pass through our territory to strengthen their military base in Gyumri?

– If we do let them pass through our territory, which agreements will it be based on– formal or informal?

– Are we going to open our sea ports to the Armenian or Azerbaijani side for military or other goods?

– What will be our position on initiated resolutions within different international organizations?

– Shall we accept refugees, and how? How many of them?

– How are we going to act in the mediation process? Whose side are we going to be on? In such a situation, any decision we make or the absence of making a decision is a decision.

– What will our actions be in the case of new activity by Russia in Javakheti?

– Will we provide humanitarian aid? How much money do we have allocated for this purpose?

– Will we allow the use of our territory for international observation missions and other missions, under which there will be intervention in the conflict.

– Are we going to conduct high-level visits and where? In what sequence?

God forbid, if there is a large-scale war in Karabakh. I do not know who will be the winner in this war, but Georgia is likely to lose in it, reads Kapanadze’s Facebook post.”

Sergi Kapanadze, expert, co-founder of the Georgian Reforms Association (GRASS)

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Published: 02.04.2016

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