Armenian MP calls for taking effective measures " />

“Violation of the EAEU Treaty is an encroachment on Armenian citizens’ rights”

Armenian MP calls for taking effective measures

Edmon Marukyan, a National Assembly member from the opposition ‘Yelk’ faction, claimed that violation of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) Treaty is an encroachment on Armenian citizens’ rights, especially as the country is a member of the aforesaid organization.

Armenia joined the EAEU in 2015. Other members of the organization are: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan


The MP sent a letter, addressed to Tigran Sargsyan, the Chairman of the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission, pointing out, in particular, that citizens of Armenia who are residing in Russia are unable to use a driver’s license issued in Armenia. He also noted that on 1 January, 2017, Russia introduced a ban on the use of an international (including the Armenian one) driver’s license when performing entrepreneurial or labor activity, which violates the fundamental principle of free movement of labor in the EAEU.

According to the MP, despite the right to free movement of citizens and workers within the EAEU, Armenian nationals are deported from Russia after three administrative violations.

The MP also named, among other problems, the financial restrictions on the exports of goods and services from Russian to Armenia, as well as a partial restriction on free turnover of the EAEU-produced goods in Russia.

The opposition MP has released a statement today that reads as follows: “The discrepancies between the aforementioned facts and the EAEU Treaty have been substantiated by the excerpts from that very treaty. I suggested that Tigran Sargsyan should take effective measures to ensure the implementation of the aforesaid treaty and protect the rights of Armenian citizens.”

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