Turkey comes first, followed by Azerbaijan and China" />

Top 10 countries from where people come to work in Georgia

Turkey comes first, followed by Azerbaijan and China

Thousands of people leave Georgia annually to find a solution to the unemployment problem in the country and earn a living abroad. However, foreign citizens also come to Georgia to look for work.

According to the revenue service, the number of labor migrants in Georgia is increasing every year.

In 2019, 12,525 foreign citizens worked in the country; this is 828 more than in the previous year.

According to official information requested by BusinessPressNews, in 2018 in Georgia 11,697 foreign citizens were employed, and in 2017 – 11,402.

As of 2019, foreigners from a total of 106 countries are working in Georgia. Among them, one citizen of the Republic of Burundi, one Costa Rican, one citizen of the Sultanate of Oman.

These are the top 10 countries from where most people come to work in Georgia:

1 Turkey – 2,828

2 Azerbaijan – 1,433

3 China – 1,411

4 Ukraine – 1,372

5 Russia – 1,148

6 Iran – 771

7 Armenia – 495

8 India – 390

9 Kazakhstan – 317

10 Belarus – 198

Metekhi Temple and monument to the 5th century Georgian Tsar David the Builder in Tbilisi. REUTERS / Gleb Garanich

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