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The best way to choose honey

Tips from Azerbaijan

Adil Yusubov lives in the Kichik-Dakhna village in Azerbaijan. It’s a half-hour drive from Shaki town, famous for its silk scarfs -‘kəlağayı’ (kelaghayi – traditional headwear), an ancient palace called Şəki Khans (Shaki Khans), and luxury hotels.

In reality, Adil Yusubov is a math teacher. He has been working in a school for over thirty years and is the deputy principal now. However, at the same time, Adil Muellim (teacher in Azerbaijan) is a connoisseur of honey. He has inherited this hobby from his father, along with his secrets of working with bees. There are hives right in Adil Muellim’s yard.  After decades of working with bees, he now has secrets of his own and has made his own discoveries.

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