Karabakh war

All that remains in Babayli

Babayly is a village in the Zangelan region of southwest Azerbaijan (bordering Armenia and Iran), which was returned to Azerbaijan after the 2020 war. Journalist Ayten Farkhadova recalls her childhood in the village, whither Azerbaijanis have returned after a hiatus of 29 years

How Armenians and Azerbaijanis swapped homes

When the Karabakh conflict broke out, there was a population exchange between Armenia and Azerbaijan – the Armenians left Azerbaijan and the Azerbaijanis left Armenia. People who experienced violence due to the conflict and the rise of nationalist sentiments, or who felt unsafe, were forced to leave their homes

Children, soldiers and tanks

A tech festival in Baku has sparked discussion on whether it's acceptable to fly fighter jets over the capital of a country that has just come out of war

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