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Russia-Ukraine war, Timeline of events, April 13-15

  • Summary of events by 23.30: Farewell ceremony for the cruiser "Moskva" and its crew held in Sevastopol

  • Summary of events by 18.30: Bodies of 900 killed civilians were found in the Kiyv region.

  • Summary of events by 10.30: Explosions went off in Kyiv, city is partially de-energized

  • Summary of events by 00.00: Missile cruiser "Moskva" sank during a storm - Russian Defense Ministry

  • Summary of events by 18.00: Moscow and Kyiv accuse each other of hitting a village in Russia

  • Summary of events by 10.30: US is collecting evidence to recognize the events in Ukraine as genocide; Russian Defense Ministry confirms fire on Moskva cruiser

  • Summary of events by 00.00: Jersey blocks 7 billion dollars worth of assets that belong to oligarch Roman Abramovich are blocked; "Russia committed war crimes in Mariupol" - OSCE

  • Summary of events by 20.00: Zelensky asks the world for heavy weapons, equipment and aviation; a number of European countries opposed the embargo on Russian gas supplies

  • Summary of events by 12.00: New commander of Russian troops in Ukraine has been appointed; Zelensky offered to exchange the detained "godfather of Putin" for captured Ukrainian soldiers

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