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Russia-Ukraine war. Timeline of events, April 23-25

  • Summary of events by 22.30: "Russia lost 15,000 soldiers in Ukraine" - head of British Ministry of Defense

  • Ukraine demands from Russia guarantees for the safety of evacuation from Mariupol

  • The death toll of civilians is growing in Donetsk and Kharkiv regions

  • The Russian Defense Ministry announced the opening of humanitarian corridors for the evacuation of civilians from Azovstal

  • Fire at the oil depot in Bryansk

  • Briefly on Ukraine by 10.30: US will help Ukraine with $700 million in weapons, Russia plans a referendum in Kherson

  • Summary of events by 10 am: Two months since the beginning of military invasion of Russia: what does it control?

  • "As soon as Ukraine has more weapons, it will liberate all its territories" - Zelensky's first big press conference

  • Russian missile hit Odessa, photo

  • In Vilnius, actors and dancers held a 'bloody' performance calling for tougher measures against Russia

  • So far, Georgian Patriarchate supported Russia's position at critical moments. Which side is it on in regards to the war in Ukraine?

  • Negotiations stalled, UN chief and Turkish president to get involved

  • Moldova is outraged by Russian Ministry of Defense statement about the desire to gain access to its territory

  • Summary of events by 12 pm: Russia made no major progress in the last 24 hours

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