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Russia-Ukraine war. Timeline of events, April 20-22

  • Summary of events by 23.30: Moscow seeks to capture the south of Ukraine; defenders of Mariupol will be allowed to leave the city

  • Russia sent the world's oldest warship to search for the sunken cruiser Moskva

  • Britain wants to negotiate with Poland to send tanks to Ukraine

  • Ukraine recognizes the sunken wreck of the cruiser "Moskva" as an object of its underwater cultural heritage

  • Russian military named the new goals of the war in Ukraine: occupation of Donbas and south of the country, creation of land route to Crimea and Transnistria

  • What is happening in Mariupol at the moment?

  • Summary of events by 11.00: New mass grave discovered, Russia's losses in Ukraine may amount to more than 10,000 people

  • Summary of events by 23.00: Biden announced a new aid package to Ukraine, Putin ordered to stop the assault on Azovstal

  • Russia is gathering forces for a new offensive in Ukraine

  • 'Butcher of Bucha' targeted in fresh UK sanctions

  • Ukrainian oficials report that more than a thousand civilian bodies are in the morgues of the Kiev region.

  • Putin called off the assault on the Azovstal plant in Mariupol

  • Summary of events by 9.30: Humanity is threatened by famine due to the war in Ukraine, Ukraine is ready for negotiations on Mariupol

  • Summary of events by 0.00: Soldiers of the Azov Regiment are ready to evacuate from Mariupol, but won't surrender

  • Russia warns Sweden and Finland over NATO membership

  • Russia lost three and a half times more military equipment than Ukraine

  • Marine Corps commander in Mariupol says his people have only a few days or even hours left

  • Summary of events by 10.00: West promises to increase aid to Ukraine and provide it with artillery

  • Why does Russia want to Donbas region so much?

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