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Russia-Ukraine war. Timeline of events, April 5-6

  • Summary of events by 00.00: Actions were held in Tbilisi and other cities of the world in memory of the civilians killed by Russian troops in Bucha, Russia to be expelled from the UN Human Rights Council

  • Summary of events by 20.30: Putin's children, as well as members of the Lavrov family and other top officials and banks of the Russian Federation fell under US sanctions, Russia introduced law that allows to close objectionable media

  • Summary of events by 15.30: Vdeo confirms that Russian troops dug trenches in radioactive soil; Russian military fired at humanitarian aid distribution point in Vugledar, killing and wounding several

  • British intelligence and experts discuss situation in Ukraine and the prospects for the development of the conflict

  • Summary of events by 10.00: 400 residents of Gostomel are considered missing; US, EU prepare new sanctions against Russia

  • Summary of events by 23.00: "Ukraine needs three things: weapons, weapons and more weapons!"

  • Summary of events by 16.30: Tigers and lions will be euthanized in Kharkiv zoo, as their enclosures are broken, and there is no possibility for evacuation

  • Summary of events by 09.30: UNSC meeting on Bucha massacre, video of the execution of Russian POWs with the participation of Georgian volunteers

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