Russian President challenged on tatami" />

Putin – a fake master of martial arts?

Russian President challenged on tatami

It is common knowledge that Vladimir Putin is a master in martial arts. He told the story himself on numerous occasions. One can even watch a video instruction “Learning judo with Vladimir Putin” starring the Russian president.

He has been awarded more belts and diplomas than Chuck Norris.

Anyone willing to check the form Vladimir Putin is in at almost 65 years of age, will easily find the famous photo of him topless riding a horse.


Benjamen Witts, a popular blogger and himself a holder of several belts in karate and taekwondo, decided to check whether all this is true, the Washington Post reports.



After studying the videos Mr. Witts came to the conclusion that none of Putin`s opponents fought fairly, falling on the tatami (a type of mat used as flooring material) on the first contact.


Benjamen Witts went even further.

All his awards in martial arts, he claims, are either the result of his official foreign visits, or received in return for budget allocations.

Thus Benjamen Witts decided to challenge the Russian president. He called upon Vladimir Putin to prove on tatami, that all his achievements in martial arts are not fake or PR. There is only one precondition for the showdown – it has to take place somewhere Vladimir Putin will not be able to arrest the challenger.


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