He claims to have testified under torture" />

Suspect in girl’s brutal murder in Azerbaijan refuses to confess

He claims to have testified under torture

January 27th

Ilkin Suleymanov, who stands accused of killing a 10-year-old girl in Azerbaijan says that the confession he gave earlier was given while he was being tortured.

“He said that nothing of the sort took place, and that all this is a fictitious scenario,” said Suleymanov’s lawyer.

His lawyer also says that on the body of his client there are traces of violence.

The defense has filed a complaint, but it was dismissed by the court. 

The Prosecutor General’s Office denies the allegation of torture.

Ilkin Suleymanov was arrested on January 10 on suspicion of the abduction and brutal murder of Narmin Guliyeva, which caused outrage in the country. 

At first, he confessed to the crime. 

Suleymanov faces a serious term, up to life imprisonment, if found guilty.

January 10th

One man has been detained in the brutal murder of 10-year-old Narmin Quliyeva – her father’s former classmate.

Though he has pleaded guilty, the motive for the murder is still unknown.

Narmin Quliyeva disappeared at the end of November, and on January 6, her burned corpse was discovered near the house.

This murder caused outrage in society. Many users of social media demanded the killer be captured and punish to the full extent of the law; some have even demanded the return of the death penalty. The case was taken under the personal supervision of President Ilham Aliyev.

The detainee is 48-year-old Ilkin Suleymanov. In his house, police found blood-like stains. Samples have been sent for examination.

January 8

Social media users have launched a campaign demanding to find and punish the killer of 10-year-old Narmin Guliyeva. Some are even demanding the death penalty, which has been abolished in Azerbaijan

The girl disappeared at the end of November. As was later discovered, she had been killed and her remains burnt. The killer has not yet been found.

The murder caused a new wave of discussions about children’s rights in Azerbaijan and cruelty towards them. The murder has also brought about discussion of the death penalty, and whether it should be restored for such particularly heinous crimes.

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A 1.5-month-long search and an accidentally discovered corpse

Narmin Guliyeva lived in the village of Dondar Gushchu in the Tovuz region in northwestern Azerbaijan.

On November 21, Narmin disappeared. 

According to the girl’s father, she went to his uncle and did not return. Parents contacted the police, but the search yielded no results. And on January 6, her burnt corpse was discovered near her home.

It is still unclear how and when exactly the girl was killed, where she was kept all this time, and why the police could not find her, although they seemed to be combing the whole village and its surroundings.

Calls for the death penalty and torture 

This incident has caused public outrage in Azerbaijan.

MP from Tovuz region Ganira Pashayeva and ombudsman Sabina Aliyeva arrived in the village of Dondar Gushchu, who appealed to the prosecutor general with a request to make every effort to quickly find and detain the culprit.

The State Committee for Family, Women and Children said:

“The incident once again shows the importance of responsibility of parents of young children, control over children, their behavior, communication with them, the need to be careful and sensitive with children.”

On social media, people have started campaigns under hashtags such as #QatiliTapın (Find the Killer), #UşaqlarÖlməsin (KidsShouldn’tDie), #NərminÜçünSusma (SpeakOutForNermin).

Some believe that this is the work of a pedophile, while others suspect the girl’s relatives.

At the same time, many believe that the killer should be executed, despite the fact that the death penalty has been abolished from the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan.

Some social media comments:

“We must return the death penalty. These [people] need to be shot. Now, he’ll just spend 20 years and leave prison.”

“You have to hang [such people] in public!”

“You don’t have to execute such people, but cruelly torture them day after day.” 

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