What is popular in the USA, and what is in style in Georgia " />

Tattoos you won’t regret

What is popular in the USA, and what is in style in Georgia

Recommendations by David Côté, an artist based in Montréal, Quebec. Source: BuzzFeed  

1. The size of the tattoo matters

If you’re planning on getting an intricately designed tattoo, you might not be able to get it as small as you’d like. Some artists will just pass on your request and others will only do it in a bigger size.

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2. Location matters

The ink might take longer to heal on certain body parts and also fade faster due to increased movement and exposure. These areas include:

In and around the ear

Not only is the pain exacerbated for most people, the ink doesn’t hold as well and could easily become irritated by hair-care products.

On the wrist

Some external factors that may affect the ink are sun exposure and bath products. The tenderness of the area also affects the healing time and the life of the tattoo.

Bottom of the feet

The heel, ankle, and other areas on the foot might not hold up as well, but the sole of the foot definitely degrades the fastest.

Anywhere on the finger

A friend of mine got tattoo rings around her thumbs, but within a month parts began to crack and disappear. She still likes them, but it was definitely unexpected.

3. As cool as white ink sounds, it’s pretty unpredictable

It disappears the fastest compared to any other color, and pretty soon afterward it could change color due to your own skin’s pigmentation. Some consider white ink tattoos to be overrated and just don’t look good.  Be smart and go for a black tattoo.

4. Watercolor tattoos are incredible but extremely hard to get right

Because of the loose style, colors could blend into each other over time, especially when there isn’t a strong black line base. Not every artist has the skill-set to do this, so make sure you find an artist who specializes in this type of tattoo. You’ll probably still need to get more touch-ups than a regular ink tattoo, but black outlines will help the colors last longer. However, if done right by a masterful and talented artist, the result can be stunning.

5. Awe-inspiring black tattoos? They are painful

Do they look intimidating? YES. So if you’re willing to look like the bold, courageous lion that you are, you have to be willing to endure a potentially excruciating battle. “I personally think they are the best,” says Côté. “They are the ones that age the best (if they are well done) but they bleed a lot.”

7. Research the artist!  

No matter what kind of ink you want, the most important thing is to think about what you want and to research the artist. Yeah, it’s permanent. So if you want it done well, put in the effort in finding the right person who can fulfil your wildest tat fantasies. And oh, you need to be willing to shell out some mean cash for this. To start, check out some crazy talented artists. But be warned – once you start, there’s pretty much no way to stop.


e looked through the offers of some tattoo salons in Tbilisi and found out that Georgians are still quite conservative:

  1. Eagles, skulls and skeletons are among the most popular tattoos.

2. But sometimes you can also see some beautiful ladies.

3. And some of that cool black ink.

4. And some girly tattoos as well.

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