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News, reports, photos / videos on military actions in Karabakh for September 28, 2020

  • Volunteers and humanitarian aid from Yerevan heading to Karabakh

  • Two more civilian victims in Azerbaijan, a total of eight dead in villages

  • President of Turkey in harsh terms condemns the West and demanded "to bring the occupier - Armenia - to justice"

  • Photo report from city in Karabakh which has had civilian casualties

  • New list of 28 names of victims published in Karabakh

  • Armenian Defense Ministry: "There are battles with varying intensity"

  • Armenian FM claims “Turkey recruiting militants, sending them to Azerbaijan”

  • Military expert from Armenia on the positions of the Armenian military and the capture of an Azerbaijani general

  • Karabakh settlements under fire, Armenian Defense Ministry reports

  • Defense Army of Karabakh retakes a number of lost positions

  • Access to the internet in Azerbaijan has been severely limited "to prevent large-scale provocations by Armenia"

  • Numbers of casualties on all sides emerging

  • News, reports, photos / videos on military operations in Karabakh for September 27, 2020