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News, reports, photos / videos on military actions in Karabakh for September 27, 2020

  • Losses as a result of military actions in Karabakh which began on the morning of September 27

  • EU calls on Armenia and Azerbaijan to immediately cease fire and return to negotiations

  • Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan: strategically important Murovdag position liberated

  • Armenian Prime Minister agrees to discuss independence of Karabakh

  • Martial law declared in Azerbaijan, curfew in Baku

  • Armenian PM calls on international structures to stop Turkey interfering in the Karabakh conflict

  • Russian Foreign Minister speaks to Baku, Turkish President addresses Armenia

  • Photos of the wounded who suffered in Nagorno-Karabakh during the shelling of the Azerbaijani armed forces

  • Baku claims it has liberated 7 villages in Karabakh, Yerevan refutes info

  • Photos of the wounded in Azerbaijani villages under fire by the Armenian armed forces

  • Armenian casualties, official information

  • Moscow discusses situation with Yerevan, Turkish Foreign Ministry accuses Armenia of instigating violence, expresses support for Azerbaijan

  • New footage of destruction of Azerbaijani equipment in Karabakh

  • Azerbaijan reports victims in fighting with Armenia

  • The village of Gapanli in the Terter region of Azerbaijan under fire from Armenia. Video

  • Martial law was introduced in Armenia and a general mobilization was announced

  • Azerbaijani President Aliyev accuses Armenia of starting hostilities

  • Nagorno-Karabakh declares martial law, mobilization

  • Internet in Azerbaijani severely restricted throughout the country

  • Hostilities resume around Karabakh, and on Azerbaijan-Armenia border

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