The current heat wave is setting a record high for the past 20 years " />

June in Azerbaijan: record heat and 16 sunstrokes

The current heat wave is setting a record high for the past 20 years

This June in Azerbaijan has turned out to be the hottest in 20 years, the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources reports. 

On June 24 alone in Baku, 16 people were admitted to hospital for sunstroke.

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Ten of them were hospitalized, while the rest were assisted and sent home, reports Qafqazinfo

Last year in the whole of June only 14 cases of sunstroke were reported by the media, although even then the weather center was sounding the alarm about an abnormal heat wave.

On June 24, the temperature in Azerbaijan reached 37 degrees. According to the Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources Mukhtar Babayev, this is a record figure for June.

 “The average temperature in Azerbaijan over the past 30 years has increased by 1.4 degrees, and I think this is a dramatic increase. This has a great impact on certain sectors of the economy”, the minister said.

Facebook users in Baku are also complaining about the heat and the fact that there are too few trees and shady parks in Baku.

Weather predictions say the heat wave will last a few more days.

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