Most students, professors and doctoral students are women " />

Education in Georgia in numbers – the latest data from GeoStat

Most students, professors and doctoral students are women

The National Statistics Service of Georgia has released its report for 2018 concerning the main indicators of higher and vocational education in the country. 

JAMnews selected the most interesting fragments from the report:

Number of institutions of higher education

There are a total of 63 institutions of higher education in Georgia, of which 19 are public and 44 are private. Around 62% of them are located in Tbilisi.

Number of students

In the 2018-2019 school year, 41,600 students were enrolled in institutions of higher education in Georgia, of which 27,800 were enrolled in public universities and 13,800 were enrolled in private institutions.

A portrait of the average Georgian youth

Educators receive the lowest salaries in Georgia

Every fifth household in Georgia borrows money to cook dinner

In total, 147,700 students are registered in Georgia this year (2.7% more than last year). This means that almost 4% of the population of Georgia are students.

Almost 65% of students study in public universities, while 35% study in private institutions.

About 50.2% of Georgian students are female, and 49.8% are male.

There are more females among university graduates.

In 2018, a total of 24,300 people graduated from Georgian universities, of which 57.4% were female and 42.6% male.

Students abroad

In 2018, 673 students left Georgia for other countries on various programmes – this is 91 more than in 2017.

State universities sent twice as many students abroad as private universities.

Foreign students in Georgia 

In 2018-19, 12,200 foreign students studied in Georgia, which is 21.4% more than in the previous year.

Number of teachers

Around 9,400 professors and teachers work in Georgian universities, which is 15% more than in 2017.

There is a significantly higher amount of women in the field at 53.8 per cent, while men make for only 46.2 per cent of teachers and professors.

Vocational education 

In 2018, 118 vocational schools were registered in Georgia, of which 39 were public and 79 private. This is less than in 2017, when there were 125 such schools.

In 2018, 11,800 students were enrolled in vocational schools. Unlike universities in this area, there are more men than women – 52% versus 48% respectively.

Most students choose engineering programmes for their studies (31.6%), healthcare (15.8%), business administration (15%) and agricultural science programmes (14.5%)


•  According to GeoStat, the unemployment rate in Georgia is 12.7%, which is the highest figure in the region. There are more unemployed men than women.

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