Items collected will be distributed among the poor" />

Baku launches clothing and footwear drive

Items collected will be distributed among the poor

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Special boxes have appeared in Baku in which people can leave unused or unnecessary clothing and footwear items instead of just throwing them out. Items collected in this way will be distributed to the poor.

At the moment, the boxes have been installed in several places on Babek Avenue (outskirts of the city), and will soon appear in other districts of Baku.

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The IDEA public association came up with the idea of the collection points. As planned, this will not only help the poor, but also make sure that some items do not end up in the trash.

Items have to be washed and cleaned before being put in the boxes.

This news was received with a mixture of enthusiasm and suspicion on social media. Some comments:

“How would these things then not appear in second-hand stores?”

“A good idea. But this should all be supervised, otherwise some people might come in and plunder the boxes or rip them apart.”

“Great start! It’s been done in Europe for a long time.”

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