The incumbent President will take up this post for the third time" />

Bako Sahakyan re-elected as President of Karabakh

The incumbent President will take up this post for the third time

Bako Sahakyan has been re-elected as President as a result of a closed secret ballot in the Karabakh National Assembly (Parliament). He was supported by three parliamentary factions. Bako Sahakyan has been re-elected for a transition period of 3 years.

Presidential system of government has been approved in Karabakh as a result of a constitutional referendum held on 20 February, 2017. The system will take inot effect in 2020. However, under the new Constitution, for three years Karabakh will be governed in a transitional-stage mode. At this stage, the Nogorno-Karabakh Republic (NKR) will be ruled by the President, who has now been elected by MPs.

According to reports by the Armenian media, another presidential candidate, Eduard Aghabekyan, who was nominated by the ‘Movement 88’ faction, received 4 out of 32 votes.

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