The focus will be on Islam" />

Azerbaijani schools, universities to introduce religion into curriculum

The focus will be on Islam

From September 2020, a compulsory subject on Islam and other religions will appear in all Azerbaijani universities.

The inclusion of religious material into Azerbaijan’s higher education curriculum is unprecedented.

The study of Islam is also likely to be included in elementary and middle school curricula, reports ONA, citing the Chairman of the State Committee for Work with religious Structures, Mubariz Qurbanli.

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Qurbanli said that the textbooks on the new subject for the university level are ready. At the end of the course, students will take an exam.

As for the study of Islam in school, the issue is currently being deliberated by both scholars and theologians, identifying problem areas in the study of religion.

Azerbaijan is a secular country where education is separated from religion.

Moreover, there is a law prohibiting the conduct of any religious rites within the walls of educational institutions.

There are, however, state schools and institutions which do prepare religious clerics and functionaries.

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