Ararat Mirzoyan noted that elections are generally expensive, especially snap elections" />

Armenia to spend about $6 million on snap parliamentary elections

Ararat Mirzoyan noted that elections are generally expensive, especially snap elections

The government will allocate 2.7 billion drams (approximately $6 million) from its reserve fund to the preparation and holding of snap parliamentary elections by the Central Election Commission.

Another 10 million drams ($20 thousand) will be allocated to the Ministry of Justice for the publication of 10 thousand copies of the Electoral Code.

The police will receive an additional 224 million drams (about $460 thousand), mostly intended to maintain voter lists.

The state budget of Armenia is 2.7 bln dollars.

Acting First Deputy Prime Minister of Armenia Ararat Mirzoyan noted that elections are generally expensive, especially snap elections.

The country will also receive assistance from international organizations for the elections.

“In addition to the stipulated amount for the organization and conducting of elections, Armenia will receive assistance from international and donor organizations under the auspices of the UN [which will be used] for the installation of video surveillance equipment and the publication of training materials,” Mirzoyan said.

Elections in Armenia – a potential solution to the political crisis?

Yerevan votes for the “revolutionary” government in mayoral elections

Why does the country need snap elections?

Armenia became a fully parliamentary system of government in spring.

However, immediately afterwards, the Velvet Revolution booted the former ruling party from power, and brought its leader, Nikol Pashinyan and his supporters, to the helm of the state.

The parliament, however, remained in the hands of the old guard – the Republican Party of Armenia.

Most experts say that the parliament does not reflect the will of the people.

Early parliamentary elections are a chance for the “revolutionary government” to get a majority in the National Assembly.

What forces will take part in the elections?

Pashinyan’s My Step bloc is considered to be the favorite of the snap parliamentary elections. The political force has officially announced its intention to run in the elections.

Prosperous Armenia, Bright Armenia, the Republic Party and the Democratic Party of Armenia will also take part in the elections.

It is not yet clear whether or not the former ruling Republican Party of Armenia, which is still lead by former President Serzh Sargsyan, will go to the elections.

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