Medics’ advice on how to prevent infection " />

Armenia is seeing a flu outbreak

Medics’ advice on how to prevent infection

According to the Armenian Health Ministry, there have been reports on intensification of the acute respiratory infections (ARI), conditioned by the spread of A and B-type viruses, over the past two weeks.

Patients exhibit the following symptoms: high temperature, body pains, headache.

The infection spread could be explained by the vitamin deficiency that commonly occurs at the end of winter and leads to weakening of the immune system.

To prevent flu and further complications, medics advise to avoid contact with already infected individuals; not to resort to self-treatment or take antibiotics without a doctor’s prescription, since they are not intended for flu treatment. It is also recommended to dress for the weather and observe personal hygiene: frequently wash one’s hands with warm water and soap, as well as use disposable wipes.

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