Opposition in search of either truth or revenge" />

Yet it was a coup in Abkhazia

Opposition in search of either truth or revenge

The oppositional “Amtsakhara party and three public organizations – “Apra, “Abzankhara and “Women in Politics, have jointly appealed to the Prosecutor General’s Office, claiming that Abkhaz President Alexander Ankvab’s resignation in 2014 was a state coup and insisting on launching a relevant inquiry into the case.

Alexander Ankvab, President of Abkhazia from May 2011 till June 2014

The matter concerns the developments on May 27, 2014, when Alexander Ankvab escaped to the Russian military base in Gudauta under the pressure of a rally with participation of thousands of people, which spiraled into an assault on the presidential palace, and, four days later, he officially resigned.

In 2014, the opposition also interpreted the developments as “forceful overthrowing of the legal power. Aslan Bzhania, currently a leader of the united opposition, nominated his candidacy for snap elections after Alexander Ankvab had resigned. Aslan Bzhania lost out the elections to Raul Khajimba, then-opposition leader.

Aslan Bzhania, Abkhazia’ united opposition leader

Today, the authorities use this very episode as the key argument, claiming that opposition’s statements about the coup are groundless.

However, at the opposition leaders’ meeting with the members of the Public Chamber this week, Aslan Bzhania said that his participation in the presidential elections had been “a mistake. He also confirmed his demand to legally substantiate the way the power had been changed in Abkhazia in 2014.

“Yes, at that time we pursued compromising policy. Today, I publicly recognize that it was incorrect. I made a mistake, I should not have participated in 2014 elections. And now, those, who are ruling the country today, should also avow part of their mistakes, said Aslan Bzhnaia.

Video: Aslan Bzhania and Aslan Kvitsinia holding a meeting with the members of the Abkhaz Public Chamber:

The leading oppositionist‘s confessions have been obstructed in social networks. Many people have put a rhetorical question: “Would Bzhania have recognized his mistakes or kept silence if he had won the elections in 2014?

• Former officials from ex-President Alexander Ankvab’s team and activists, supporting his policy, are the backbone of the Abkhaz opposition nowadays.

• Four organizations: “Amtsakhara party, public organizations – “Apra, “Abzankhara and “Women in Politics, have formed a uniform opposition bloc. They all stand for resignation of the incumbent President, Raul Khajimba.

• He is supported by the political parties’ coordination council, comprising 18 political parties and public organizations. The hugest among them are: the “People’s Unity Forum, the “United Abkhazia and “Aruaa – the public organization of the veterans of Abkhaz -Georgian war.

• Aslan Bzhania headed Abkhaz National Security Service from 2009 till June 2014. With the support of the former government’s followers, he got 35% of votes at 2014 snap presidential elections and was the second after Raul Khajimba during the first round.

• Alkhas Kvitsinia – a veteran of the Abkhaz-Georgian war. He has been among the leaders of the war veterans’ public-political movement since its foundation in 1999. Before overthrowing of power in 2014, he used to hold a post of Deputy Head of Sukhum/i Administration. He was elected a new Chairman of “Amtsakhara party at the party congress, in October 2015.

• “Amtsakhara was reformed into a political party in 2012. From 2005 till May 2014, it was considered a pro-presidential organization.

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