The Gevorkyans share their story" />

What it’s like to live in a village that has no access to transport services

The Gevorkyans share their story

Tsiteli Sopeli village (Red Village) is located in the Kvemo Kartli region and it administratively belongs to the Marneuli municipality There are 65 residents in the village. It has no access to public transport services and the villagers have been cut off from the regional center for many years. It’s particularly hard for the elderly people since not all of them are capable of covering several kilometers on foot.

The local government elections were held in Georgia in October 2017. However, the residents of this village never got to see a single politician. Consequently, pledges to improve transport to and from the regional center were never issued here.

It is not the only settlement in the Marneuli municipality which doesn’t have transport services.

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