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The main topics of the day: what is happening in Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, 27-31 March, 2023

  • Friday, March 31, Georgia. “If we wanted to kill him, we could have managed somehow in 11 months” - director of the clinic about Saakashvili

  • Friday, March 31, Azerbaijan. Borders with Georgia and Turkey to open from May 1

  • Friday, March 31, Armenia. "Yerevan's decision on Rimsky is being discussed between countries at the highest level" - Russian Foreign Ministry

  • Thursday, March 30, Georgia. “When you have a lot of money, you can manage any number of women”

  • Thursday, March 30, Armenia. “Moscow expects that harmful discussions about who comes from where will stop”

  • Thursday, March 30, Azerbaijan. "I was summoned for interrogation for an ironic post on social networks"

  • Wednesday, March 29, Georgia. “Women in Georgia are protected by traditions and cultural heritage”: a representative of the ruling party speaks about the harassment scandal

  • Wednesday, March 29, Azerbaijan. Member of Parliament shot in Baku

  • Wednesday, March 29, Armenia. "Customs clearance" of cars imported from Georgia will be facilitated

  • Tuesday, March 28, Georgia. "I condemn any oppression of women" - President Zurabishvili

  • Tuesday, March 28, Armenia. Moscow warns Yerevan of consequences if country accedes to Rome Statute

  • Tuesday, March 28, Azerbaijan. Construction of the country's second radio-television station begins in Shusha

  • Monday, March 27, Georgia. "Dozens of tons of sanctioned Russian oil are secretly imported into Georgia every day"

  • Monday, March 27, Azerbaijan. The army took control of the roads north of the Lachin corridor

  • Monday, March 27, Armenia. "Azerbaijani president will face consequences" - former NATO Secretary General

  • The main topics of the day: what is happening in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, 20-24 March, 2023

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