Those crossing the ‘yellow line’, will be imposed an AZN 40 fine" />

Traffic restrictions imposed on Azerbaijani roads due to Islamic Games

Those crossing the ‘yellow line’, will be imposed an AZN 40 fine

The main Traffic Police Department has informed drivers that a restrictive yellow line will be introduced on certain roads in Baku, starting from 5 May, 2017.

The restrictions aim to ensure unhampered traffic of vehicles involved in the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games, that are due to be held in Baku from 10-22 May.

Parking areas in the city center have also been restricted. The Traffic Police recommends that office employees should make use of public transport during the Games.

We would like to bring it to the drivers’ attention that vehicles, parked in the areas where stopping and parking are prohibited, as well as vehicles parked on the roadsides, hampering free and convenient traffic, will be removed, with the vehicle’s drivers facing administratively liability,” the Traffic Police’ statement reads.

A fine for crossing the yellow restrictive line amounts to AZN 40 (USD 24).

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