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Media monitoring in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, 21-25 August, 2023

  • Friday, August 25, Georgia. The death toll in Chauvy has risen to 31

  • Friday, August 25, Armenia. Yerevan has handed Baku a new package of proposals on the peace treaty between Armenia and Azerbaijan

  • Friday, August 25, Azerbaijan. Aliyev did not receive the Belgian Foreign Minister, claiming her "pro-Armenian stance"

  • Thursday, August 24, Azerbaijan. "We condemn the statements of the Canadian Foreign Minister against the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan"

  • Thursday, August 24, Armenia. In the crashed plane with Prigozhin was an Armenian Yevgeny Makaryan

  • Thursday, August 24, Georgia. "Ukraine has already won a great victory" - the President of Georgia addressed the participants of the "Crimean Platform"

  • Wednesday, August 23, Azerbaijan. The largest investor, Norway's Equinor is studying the possibility of selling its assets in Azerbaijan

  • Wednesday, August 23, Armenia. "The rights and security of the population of Nagorno-Karabakh must be respected, I will remind my Azerbaijani colleague of this" - Belgian Foreign Minister

  • Wednesday, August 23, Georgia. 29 municipalities spent $800,000 worth of fuel in two years

  • Tuesday, August 22, Georgia. New anti-Western statements and accusations against the US ambassador

  • Tuesday, August 22, Armenia. A case against an Armenian resident who threw an umbrella at a prime minister has been referred to court

  • Tuesday, August 22, Azerbaijan. "Radio jamming (from the Armenian side) against GPS passenger aircraft travelling through Azerbaijani airspace"

  • Monday, August 21, Azerbaijan. "Disgusting form of propaganda," commented a presidential aide in reference to France24

  • Monday, August 21, Armenia. A transgender man died in a fire in the center of Yerevan; reportedly, he was killed

  • Monday, August 21, Georgia. The leader of the pro-Russian "Alt-info" predicts turmoil and casualties in Georgia

  • Media monitoring in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, 14-18 August, 2023

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