Tina is a TBC Bank scholarship holder" />

Tina Chigogidze – the story of a young ballerina

Tina is a TBC Bank scholarship holder

Ballet is a dream come true for many girls.  Beautiful costumes, memorable performances, trips.  However, many do not know how hard it is to make it to the big stage. 

Tina Chigogidze is thirteen years old.  She has been in ballet school for five years.  Before she was an amateur and she went to regular ballet lessons. Then the teacher noticed her talent and advised her to go to the professionals.

Now Tina knows that she will dedicate her entire life to ballet.

Tina receives a scholarship each month from TBC Bank, which helps her with her professional development.  Recently, with the support of TBC Bank, she was in Japan, where she performed a number of performances and competed. She says that this trip has taught her a lot.


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