Six key facts, established by the preliminary investigation" />

The plane was downed by the pro-Russian forces in Ukraine

Six key facts, established by the preliminary investigation

photo: Anastasia Vlasova, Bird-in-Flight

Joint Investigation Team has no doubts by now, that Boeing MH17 has been downed on July 17 2014 over the Ukrainian territory by the “Buk missile system, brought from Russia. The incident left 298 dead.

The JIT representatives said so at the press conference held in Hague to report on the results of the two years long investigation.

Moscow responded promptly, saying the investigation has been accompanied by too many speculations and unverified information. “There is nothing to accept or deny. First of all… it is the preliminary conclusions, the investigation is to go on. Unfortunately, we have not seen any proofs, the presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov told BBC.

The investigators nevertheless claim, they have considered and rejected all versions but one, have established the route of transportation of the “Buk system and those who were part to the tragic event.

Here are six key facts, established in the course of the preliminary investigation (courtesy Hromadske TV)

 Intentional devastation of the plane 

JIT has rejected both a terrorist attack and a technical malfunction as possible causes of the Malaysian Boeing downing.

It also stressed the absence of any other aircraft in the vicinity of MH17 at the moment of the tragedy.

“The investigators have excluded two scenarios: a technical malfunction and a terrorist attack on board, the Dutch Prosecutor General Fred Westerbeke said, who  coordinates the investigation.

How “Buk airdefensecomplex works? 

The “Buk was Russian 

The JIT has established, that the plane has been downed by a missile of the 9m38 series from the “Buk air defense complex brought from the Russian Federation and transported back after the tragedy by a white Volvo truck. The car was under protection of men in military uniform, according to eyewitnesses, photo and video materials.

The site of launch was under DPR control 

The “Buk missile was launched from Pervomayskoe settlement in Donetsk region, that was under the pro-Russian fighters control at the time.

“As to the precise launch site, we came to the conclusion… that it was the field of about 600 sq.metres surrounded by trees. At the moment of launch it was under the pro-Russian fighters control, Gilbert Paulissen, the head of the Dutch Police Investigation Department said.

Animation regarding the transport route and the launch site

100 under suspicion

JIT has a list of 100 persons, who were part to the crime.

“100 persons are under suspicion, that they can be connected with the downing of Boeing or transporting “Buk. We had them identified, Frederick Westerbeke, the Dutch Prosecutor General, said.

The perpetrators are yet to be named

JIT cannot make any conclusions so far as to whether Russia or its citizens were a part to the crime.The “Buk arrived from Russia and was brought back there – this is the most, that we can say. We cannot claim, that Russia or its citizens were involved, Westerbeke said.

The case was brought to trial

It is too early to establish the court, where the case will be tried.

“If we do what is needed, the case will be brought to trial with the conviction to follow… All parties concerned and the best experts are involved in the investigation, Vesterbeke said.

Published: 30.09.2016

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