Some believe that the leadership of the Musavat party should resign " />

61 Azerbaijani citizens deported from Germany, opposition party members accused of illegal migration business

Some believe that the leadership of the Musavat party should resign

61 citizens of Azerbaijan have been deported from Germany to Azerbaijan.  

Among them were 21 children. The German police considered them illegal, and also arrested several Azerbaijani citizens on charges of facilitating illegal migration.

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The local media is paying particular attention to the fact that among those arrested are members of the Azerbaijani opposition Musavat party.  Therefore, now in Azerbaijan many are shaming Musavat, although the party itself denies the charges. 

A popular destination 

Germany, along with the Netherlands, is one of the most popular destinations to where Azerbaijanis try to migrate.  Every year, several thousand Azerbaijani citizens try to obtain refugee status in the country.

Some have real reasons for this: for example, they are being persecuted at home because of political views or sexual orientation.  Others use far-fetched pretexts.

Often people who want to move to Germany resort to the help of intermediaries.

When illegal migrants or people who have not received refugee status are scheduled to be deported back to Azerbaijan, some even commit suicide or attempt suicide.

Migration business

On November 13, German police raided several cities in Germany.  Searching for illegal migrants, they at the same time arrested and detained several Azerbaijani citizens, and charged them of organizing an illegal “migration business.”

Most of the detainees are political emigrants.  Information has been circulated that among them are members of the Musavat party.

According to the police, they took money from people for illegally transporting them from Azerbaijan to Germany, promising to help with obtaining a visa and a residence permit.

Reason to resign?

The Musavat party states that the alleged fraudsters detained in Germany have nothing to do with them.

But many do not believe this, and have publicly condemned Musavat.

Social media users are actively discussing the incident. 

“The Musavat leadership also lacks a culture of resignation, among other things,” writes famous journalist Khadija Ismayilova.

 In the comments, many agree that in such a situation, the party leadership, in fact, should leave.

 “So now, because of every slander and blackmail, we should resign?” the leader of Musavat Arif Hajili said.

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