The Armenian side contents itself with Russia’s pledge to provide Permyakov-related information upon request " />

Russian serviceman, convicted of murdering Armenian family, extradited to Russia

The Armenian side contents itself with Russia’s pledge to provide Permyakov-related information upon request

Valery Permyakov, a Russian serviceman convicted of murdering a 6-member family in the Armenian city of Gyumri, has been extradited to the Russian Federation – Armenian Justice Ministry reports.

Back on 3 May, a Justice Ministry spokesperson confirmed reports regarding the ongoing talks on Permyakov’s extradition. Then on the following day, 4 May, the Russian court ordered that Permyakov would serve his sentence in the homeland.

Valery Permyakov is a citizen of the Russian Federation. In January 2015, Permyakov fled from the military base, entered a house and shot dead the 5 members of the Avetisyan family. Serezha Avetisyan, a six-month-old baby, was stabbed with a bayonet. He survived and was taken to hospital, where he died a week later.

Permyakov stood trial in the Armenian court on 23 August 2016, and was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of the Avetisyan family. Before that, on 12 August 2015, the RF garrison military court in Gyumri found Permyakov guilty, severed from the Gyumri massacre criminal case, pursuant to three articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation: desertion, theft and illegal possession of firearms. Permyakov was sentenced to 10 years in a high-security prison.

As the Armenian Justice Ministry explained, the extradition agreement was based on the 1998 Moscow Convention on the extradition of convicts for further service of sentence.

The Armenian side has to content itself with Russia’s pledge to provide information on Permyakov’s whereabouts (where he is and how he serves his term of imprisonment) upon Armenia’s request.

The aforesaid has stirred up negative reaction among Armenian social media users:

“Permyakov was caught in Armenia, he was caught for the murder he committed in Armenia. We shouldn’t care, to what extent those factors fit in the RF Constitution. We aren’t in the RF and personally for me their constitution is less significant than our one… Don’t you have any dignity?”

“We live in Russia.”

“It turns out that the Republic of Armenia, an independent and sovereign state, cannot punish the scoundrel who murdered its citizens. I wonder, who can guarantee that Permyakov wouldn’t be released in a few years, when people start to forget about this incident? No one can guarantee that.”


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