Both ‘policemen’ have been arrested" />

Russian and Georgian citizens in police uniforms rob Batumi hostel

Both ‘policemen’ have been arrested

The Georgian Prosecutor’s Office has indicted a Russian and a Georgian citizen with robbery. The pair robbed a hostel located in the resort town of Batumi under the guise of policemen, Novosti-Georgia reports.

The robbery occurred early on Monday morning.

Imedi TV reported that the pair came to the hostel, presented themselves as police officers and said that they were looking for drugs, after which they robbed the guests.

They confiscated one man’s phone, and tried to take away a tablet from a Korean tourist, but failed.

One robber was detained by hostel residents, while the other escaped. However, he was later caught by police.

The pair face between two to five years of imprisonment or a fine.

A criminal case was initiated under the article Robbery, for which the punishment is a fine or imprisonment of two to three years, or from three to five years.

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