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On robbers and hostages in Western Georgia. The whole story

  • Perp, identified as military serviceman, yet to be detained. Last seen escaping in police car

  • Bank robber frees hostages in forest - video

  • Hostage talks about what happened in the Zugdidi bank during the hold up

  • Zugdidi bank robber did not escape into Abkhazia, local authorities say

  • The attacker released the last three hostages in the forest and fled. Hostages being questioned

  • Video footage of attacker during bank holdup

  • 43 hostages had been held in bank by attacker – all freed, no injuries, perp makes off with payment

  • Attacker given money, leaves area with 3 hostages, releasing 13 others

  • Media reports Zugdidi bank hostages freed, attacker detained – MIA yet to confirm

  • Attacker releases 2 more hostages, 16 remain

  • Irakli Kobakhidze - actions of some media outlets may be criminally prosecutable

  • Ministry of Internal Affairs calls on media to stop broadcasting from scene, threatens to suspend broadcasting

  • Video: one hostage rescued from bank building. Radio Atinati

  • Nika Gvaramia, the director of Mtavari TV, explains how the attacker contacted him

  • Imedi: attacker requests a meeting with bank employee

  • Attacker gives two hour deadline to police – Mtavari Arkhi

  • Photograph taken by the hostages. The footage is broadcast by Odishi TV

  • Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs releases a statement

  • Hostage calls Mtavari Arkhi, footage

  • An eyewitness comment

  • The attackers are demanding $500,000

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