Inmates dancing and having fun with women in Dranda prison" />

Prison authorities in Abkhazia fired after inmate party

Inmates dancing and having fun with women in Dranda prison

This video of prisoners dancing frivolously with women was caught on camera and anonymously uploaded to several social network groups. It has become the scandal of the week in Abkhazia.

The head of the detention centre and the head of the facility’s security were immediately dismissed from their positions. An investigation has started, after which their future fates will be decided.

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The prison scandal and the reaction of the Ministry of the Interior was met with sarcasm on social networks.

A few comments:

“Dranda sanatorium is temporarily closed!”

“You might think that the Interior Ministry first learned about the situation in prison from the video. Now someone will have to be the fall guy. I think the one who uploaded the video to the Internet will suffer the most.”

“How many bosses are in prison? In my opinion none have ever left. What kind of post is this – no worse than a presidential one?”

“It is a very profitable position. Everyone was enjoying themselves. I am sure that the fight for the position has already begun.”

This is not the first incident connected to Dranda, the only prison in Abkhazia.

There were previously several group escapes by convicts and also several prison riots. The following was taken during one such riot:

Experts have long concluded that the conditions of prisoners in the Dranda prison are not in line with any standards, including sanitary and epidemiological ones.

Due to a lack of funding, the matter of building a new prison has not yet been resolved. However, an investment project is planned for 2019 in which a new modern prison will be built in Dranda via Russian funds.

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