Annual inflation amounted to 7 percent" />

Price of essential food stuffs up 14% in Georgia in 2019

Annual inflation amounted to 7 percent

Crucial food items have gone up by around 15% in 2019 in Georgia. 

Milk, cheese and eggs have gone up by more than 15 percent, while meat and meat products – 13 percent, vegetables – 16 percent.  

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The most expensive is fruit, which has gone up 30 percent in price.  

Bread, bakery products, sugar and other sweets went up by almost 12 percent.

In the past month alone, daily consumption products rose in price as well: milk, cheese and eggs went up by 2.7 percent, bread and bakery products – by 1.3 percent.  

Tobacco went up 3.4 percent. 

According to Sakstat, in 2019 prices for the population increased by seven per cent overall.

This is the highest inflation rate since 2017. 

Transportation has gone up 3.1 per cent, while alcohol and tobacco together went up by 15.4 per cent. 

The sphere of leisure and entertainment went up by 7 percent, while food in restaurants and cafes rose by 8.4 percent.

According to the National Statistics Service of Georgia, in 2018 in Georgia, 20.1 percent of the population lived below the absolute poverty line. 

The level of absolute poverty means the number of people for whom the minimum living conditions are unattainable.  

In rural areas in 2018, 23.1 percent of the population lived in poverty, in cities – 18 percent.  Complete data for 2019 has

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