The NDI has published the results of a study showing that the population is becoming poorer" />

NDI: half of the Georgian population is unable to afford utilities, and other poll results

The NDI has published the results of a study showing that the population is becoming poorer

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The National Democratic Institute (NDI) and CRRC Georgia have published the results of a sociological study conducted from July 13 – 29, in which 213 respondents participated. According to the survey results, the country is facing a difficult economic situation and the population has become further impoverished over the past five years.

JAMnews presents the most relevant statistics from the study:

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•49% of the population believes that the country is developing in the wrong direction. This is the lowest the number has been since 2010. Only 18% believe the opposite.

•The main issues that interest population, as in previous years, are related to the economy. Here are their main concerns, according to the survey:

Jobs (48%)

Rising prices and inflation (34%)

Poverty (33%)

Territorial integrity (29%)
Retirement (22%)

Salaries (19%) 

• 21% of those surveyed were unemployed and were actively searching for work.

• Two thirds of the population believe that the previous generation had better lives.

• Almost every other respondent (43%) thought that over the past 5 years they have become even poorer, and that 5 years ago they had good financial opportunities.

• One out of two Georgian citizens has been unable to pay their utility bills on time at least once in the past six months.

• More than half of respondents (54%) reported that they have no close friends or relatives who would be able to lend them 300 lari in case of an emergency.

• Only 10% of the Georgian population reported that they were able to save money for a rainy day. Curiously, in ethnic minority areas, this number rose to 24%.

• 70% of the Georgian population believes that the country is plagued by economic inequality – only certain groups of people enjoy economic benefits.

• For the first time, NDI also conducted a survey on pension reform. [Readers may recall that a cumulative pension scheme was introduced in Georgia in January 2019, which is mandatory for citizens under 40, while those over 40 are able to decide for themselves whether they want to participate – JAMNews]. It turns out that 57%  of those participating in the pension scheme and making payments do not believe that they will be able to use the accumulated amount upon retirement.

• Despite the fact that government officials periodically use external factors to explain problems in the economy, the population and the opposition have a different perspective. 84% of those polled on economic issues blame the Georgian authorities themselves.

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