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Play by play of Georgian parliamentary elections - photo, video

  • Four exit polls - two different results

  • "There are more violations than in previous elections" - Transparency International

  • Opposition rally by the parliament – photos

  • 45.77% turnout by 17:00

  • Employees of Ombudsman's Office attacked in Ksani prison

  • 36.54% turnout by 15:00

  • Tense situation at Gldani district polling stations in Tbilisi

  • Ex-president Saakashvili: "The elections are going very well, Ivanishvili is over, the people must take the country back"

  • Clashes at polling station in Gldani district of Tbilisi. Video

  • United Opposition is preparing large rally in front of parliament. Photos

  • A surveillance camera was found near a voting booth in the city of Rustavi

  • Turnout stands at 19.41% by noon

  • Georgian ruling party leader accuses opposition of trying to ‘destabilize the situation’

  • By 10 a.m. 8.33% of Georgian voters (292,587) had cast their ballot

  • 10 violations were recorded by 10 am

  • Georgian Interior Ministry investigating ruling party claims that opposition is preparing ‘provocations’ during the elections

  • Opposition observers in Marneuli not allowed into polling station, clash ensues, police summoned

  • 75 people from the US Embassy observing the elections

  • "We’ll take 100 seats of 150" - leader of the ruling party, oligarch Ivanishvili has already voted

  • Polling stations opened at 8 am

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