Most of which are women " />

Over 90 000 seeking jobs in Armenia

Most of which are women

Unemployment is still a major problem in Armenia. According to the National Statistics Service of Armenia, as at 1 July 2017, there were 91 532 job seekers in Armenia, 5% less than in the same period of 2016.

As the National Statistical Service reported, only 76 624 out of the total number of job seekers are unemployed. Women seek jobs more frequently than men, with 59 515 women and only 32 017 men on the job seekers’ list. The majority of job seekers reside in the capital, 15 125 people, whereas the lowest number of job seekers originate from the town of Vayots Dzor – 1 973 people.

Among the most in-demand occupations on the labor market are: medics with a university degree, teachers, IT-specialists, engineers, commercial and financial sphere employees and sales managers.

M eanwhile, Facebook users don’t trust the data announced by the statistical service. They believe that the presented data is under-stated. Those who are seeking jobs, left the following comment: ‘+1’.

“Hurray! There are so many people who still believe that it’s possible to find a job in Armenia.”

“It seems you’ve presented figures that are six times lower than the actual ones.”

“Maybe there is one zero missing.”

According to Karen Kocharyan, a political technologist, unemployment is a major reason for migration.

“Humans are living beings and they should feed themselves. If there are no jobs, people go to places where they can find jobs,” said Kocharyan.

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