Photo report from Istanbul " />

Opposition candidate takes mayorship of Istanbul – on the second try

Photo report from Istanbul

The ruling party candidate has already conceded the race for the mayorship of Istanbul – the opposition candidate, the People’s Republican Party’s candidate Ekrem Imamoglu, is leading in the race. 94.5 per cent of votes have already been counted.

Ekrem Imamoglu with his wife Dilek. REUTERS/Murad Sezer

Imamoglu has received around 53.6 per cent of the vote, with the ruling party candidate Binali Yildirim receiving about 45 per cent.

 The divide was made for by about 700,000 votes.

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The ruling party candidate Yıldırım has already admitted his defeat, and congratulated his opponent and wished him “to serve Istanbul well”.

Binali Yıldır with his wife Semiha and his daughter Busra. REUTERS / Murad Sezer

The revote was held after the results of the March 31 elections were canceled.

Then Ekrem Imamoglu defeated the pro-government candidate with a small gap, gaining 48.8%, and Yıldırım – 48.55%.

 But then the Justice and Development Party of President Recep Erdogan protested the election results, alleging violations and fraud in several polling stations, which was the reason for the re-run vote.

Foto: David Pipia, JAMnews

Photo: David Pipia, JAMnews

Photo: David Pipia, JAMnews

Photo: David Pipia, JAMnews

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