The Russian media is having a ball with the eccentric statements and actions of the new Minister of Culture Olga Lyubimova" />

New Russian minister of culture – loves cursing and has contempt for culture?

The Russian media is having a ball with the eccentric statements and actions of the new Minister of Culture Olga Lyubimova

Olga Lyubimova has become the new Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation, and since she is not a very well-known figure in Russia, journalists and the opposition have begun an online study of what kind of person she is.

This investigation has come up with a lot of interesting things, and the Russian edition of Mediazona published one of the photos it found on the pages of Lyubimova’s social networks.

Новый министр культуры России Ольга Любимова

The inscription on the shirt of Olga Lyubimova, who at that time was not yet the Minister of Culture, but the head of the cinema department of the ministry:

Who you are? I do not know you. Go f**k yourself”, the t-shirt reads. 

The media are also quoting her online statements and posts. 

In particular, the future minister, as a young girl, wrote about “the delight of acid” and “the wonderful atmosphere in the Trinity Church”.

Lyubimova also published posts such as “20 Ways to Attract the Attention of the Opposite Sex”.

But the best thing about the views of the new Minister of Culture of Russia can be found by reading her Livejournal posts. 

She writes there that she is “not a cultured person” and compiles a list of what she “does not tolerate” – this list includes museums, opera, ballet, classical music, theaters, art house cinema and much more.

In other posts on social media, Lyubimova wrote that she does not understand what civil society is, and she also commented on the recent large protests in Moscow that over place over the summer: 

“In my childhood, drunks and idlers went to rallies – they drank vodka there.”

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Now all her blog posts have been deleted, but they are still available in the web archive. The publications disappeared after Twitter users drew attention to them, including opposition politician Alexei Navalny.

Lyubimova took the post of Minister of Culture on January 21, after Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin announced the composition of the new government.

The new Minister of Culture of Russia Olga Lyubimova.  January 21, 2020. Reuters / Dmitry Astakhov

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