The most ‘popular’ crime among women - inflicting minor harm " />

Most crimes in Azerbaijan committed by men

The most ‘popular’ crime among women - inflicting minor harm

Women account for just 5.7 per cent of all convicted criminals in Azerbaijan in 2017, data from the State Statistics Committee show.

Out of the 16,750 people who committed crimes last year, only 963 were women.

Trend reports that the crime women were most often convicted of last year was deliberately inflicting minor harm (22.8 per cent), while theft (12.1 per cent) was the second most common crime.

As for serious crimes, only 1 in 12 murderers (13 of 162) were women.

There is only one women’s prison in Azerbaijan: Prison No. 4. Although it is located in the capital, it houses female convicts from all over the country.

As a result, the prison is overcrowded. Moreover, according to human rights activist Zalikha Taghirova, only up to a quarter of female convicts enter the prison system, while the rest are given an alternative sentence such as a suspended sentence, deferment, community service, corrective labor or a fine.

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