More than 60,000 Russian citizens came out in support of the campaign ‘For Fair Elections’" />

Moscow sees largest protest in 7 years

More than 60,000 Russian citizens came out in support of the campaign ‘For Fair Elections’

More than 60,000 Russian citizens came earlier today on August 10 out for the campaign ‘For Fair Elections’, demanding that independent candidates be allowed to register for elections to the Moscow City Duma, which are currently scheduled for early September. 

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The main protest rally took place on Sakharov Avenue in Moscow, but the protest in the capital was also supported by St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Izhevsk, Rostov, Bryansk and other cities.

Photo: OVD-info

Well-known singers, writers, TV presenters spoke at the rally in Moscow. 

The main demands were formulated thus:

• The release of all those detained in previous rallies,

• The punishment of those responsible for illegal arrests,

• An end to the arbitrariness of police behavior,

• The admission of independent candidates to municipal elections

• And the resignation of the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin.

After the rally in Moscow, several hundred people tried to go to the building of the presidential administration, located near the Kremlin, when the police began carrying out mass detentions. 

146 people were detained in Moscow, 86 in St. Petersburg, 11 in Rostov, and 2 in Bryansk at the time of publication. 

Photo: Novaya gazeta

In Moscow, one detainee with diabetes was deprived of access to insulin. The interrogation continued after he was placed in intensive care.

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