How much is enough to make one feel comfortable in Abkhazia?" />

Video vox-pop in Abkhazia: how much money is enough?

How much is enough to make one feel comfortable in Abkhazia?

Here are some perceptions of a stability as seen from a survey we conducted in Sukhum streets

– Tell me, please, what salary would you wish to receive to feel yourself stable?

– ‘At least 30 thousand [about $400] per month.’

– ‘At least 60-80 thousand [about $800-$1,000]. I think, this is normal for those, residing in Abkhazia.’

– ‘It will be quite O.K. with me to earn 100 thousand [about $1,300], so that my family and I could have a comfortable and stable live.’

– ‘I think, for an unmarried girl like me, 30-40 thousand[about $400-$500] be quite enough to safe up for travelling on one’s own money, rather than seeking funding from parents.’

– What problems would you tackle first if you were financially stable?

– ‘Well, my personal problems – I would settle the house repair problem, provide education to my children and would certainly buy food and clothes. I think, that money would not be enough to cover anything else.’

– ‘Today, I think, 50 thousand [about $700] be sufficient for me to feel myself a stable man – to go out, linger over somewhere, treat one’s friends; see something different, not to shrink within one’s house, yard; travel somewhere. I think, this amount would be enough.’

– ‘First of all, certainly, to create comfort at home – to repair house and buy new furniture. To live as a normal person. To ensure children and grandchildren’s wellbeing. I think, that’s the amount necessary for that. Our salaries are ranging from 8-13 thousand[about $100-$150] that’s hardly enough to make both ends meet.’

– ‘I would ensure a comfortable life, indulge oneself in every pleasure, provide educate for children and would probably travel around.’

– ‘In fact, the amount I earn allows me to settle some minor, domestic problems. However, if I earned more, I would be able to travel abroad or develop my skills by taking some extra training courses.’

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