Nor are their funds available for increasing low pensions" />

Ministry: “There is no money to increase disability benefits in Azerbaijan” – VIDEO

Nor are their funds available for increasing low pensions

A demonstration was held for the rights of people with disabilities in front of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection building. The participants said they were protesting low pensions, lack of social support and other problems.

“My child suffers from cerebral palsy, and I receive only 82 manats (48 dollars) per month allowance. Half of this money goes to nappies. And what does he have? How should I cover other expenses?” said one of the demonstrators, Shakhla Jafarov, in anger.

The complaints of other demonstrators were of a similar nature – pensions that are so low that they are not enough to cover even basic expenses, and the indifference of agencies mandated to support people with disabilities.

Minister Sahil Bababev met the protesters, listened to their complaints and said that, at present, the ministry does not have the money to increase pensions and benefits. Babayev promised that they will try to do something either this year or the next:

“We wanted to hear from them that they have no money for us. And we heard it. Like, there is no financial support. Well, God give them health. Now we are discussing an appeal to the Cabinet of Ministers,” said Karabakh war veteran Ahmed Rakhmanov regarding the meeting with the minister.

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