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Main topics of the day in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, 19-23 June, 2023

  • Friday, June 23, Georgia. "Zurabishvili corrected an injustice, Gvaramia's imprisonment was a mockery of the law"

  • Friday, June 23, Armenia. The EU delegation to Armenia joined the EU observer patrol on the Hakari Bridge

  • Friday, June 23, Azerbaijan. In the airports in Azerbaijan are no longer issuing visas to Iranian citizens

  • Thursday, June 22, Georgia. Saakashvili is launching a "question and answer" feature on his page, after he had announced his return to Georgian politics

  • Thursday, June 22, Armenia. Azerbaijani military officer Hussein Akhundov has been sentenced to 20 years in prison

  • Thursday, June 22, Azerbaijan. Villagers continue their protest against plans to build a second lake to release waste from a nearby mine

  • Wednesday, June 21, Azerbaijan. Clashes with the police of the villagers protesting against the pollution of the lake by the waste of the mine

  • Wednesday, June 21, Armenia. Pashinyan made a series of frank statements about what happened during the second Karabakh war

  • Wednesday, June 21, Georgia. Miners, supporters of Lazare Grigoriadis protest in Tbilisi, and activists remembered "Gavrilov's night"

  • Tuesday, June 20, Georgia. Miners, activist Grigoriadis, Cinema Center - a series of anti-government protests in Georgia

  • Tuesday, June 20, Armenia. The opposition called the meeting of the commission on the 44-day war with the participation of Nikol Pashinyan a "show"

  • Tuesday, June 20, Azerbaijan. ‘Report on the involvement of Armenian children in the politics of hate against Azerbaijanis’

  • Monday, June 19, Armenia. Deputy PM has invited his Azerbaijani counterpart to a meeting to agree on the border between the countries

  • Monday, June 19, Azerbaijan. Construction on the section of the Zangezur corridor by the Armenian border is ongoing

  • Monday, June 19, Georgia. One of the striking miners in Chiatura sewed up his eyes in protest.

  • The main topics of the day in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, 12-16 June, 2023

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