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Latest news in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, 26-30 June, 2023

  • Friday, June 30, Armenia. "The most difficult issues in the negotiations remain" - Blinken on the Washington meeting of the foreign ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan

  • Friday, June 30, Georgia. "Georgia's compliance with EU recommendations is pivotal" - Charles Michel

  • Friday, June 30, Azerbaijan. "Further progress has been achieved in the negotiations for the draft bilateral Peace Agreement with Armenia" - Foreign Ministry

  • Thursday, June 29, Azerbaijan. "Policeman gave orders to beat women on their genitals," say residents of the protesting village

  • Thursday, June 29, Armenia. 'There is a high risk of destabilisation in the South Caucasus - Nikol Pashinyan

  • Thursday, June 29, Georgia. "The EU expresses its disappointment with Georgia's decision not to join the Western-imposed sanctions against Russia," - David O'Sullivan

  • Wednesday, June 28, Georgia. Hungary's support for Ukraine's EU accession talks conditional on granting candidate status to Georgia

  • Wednesday, June 28, Armenia. Azerbaijani Armed Forces have shelled the steel plant under construction, MO says

  • Wednesday, June 28, Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan celebrates Kurban Bayram

  • Tuesday, June 27, Azerbaijan. The security forces’ blockade continues in the village of Soyudlu, but environmentalists also began to work there

  • Tuesday, June 27, Armenia. "Azerbaijan cannot do whatever it wants to the people of Nagorno-Karabakh" - President of Pace

  • Monday, June 26, Georgia. "The opposition again tried to drag the country into the war, using the events in Russia" - the head of the ruling party

  • Monday, June 26, Azerbaijan. 32 days of arrest for activist Giyas Ibragimov for the FB post, he went on a dry hunger strike

  • Monday, June 26, Armenia. Yerevan doubts the sincerity of the Azerbaijani authorities to establish peace in the South Caucasus

  • The main topics of the day in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, 19-23 June, 2023

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