Azerbaijan’s new president will be elected on 17 October for a seven-year term " />

Isa Qambar nominated as presidential candidate from opposition Musavat party

Azerbaijan’s new president will be elected on 17 October for a seven-year term

The Musavat (Equality) opposition party decided on 27 January to nominate Isa Qambar as its candidate for the October presidential election. Although candidate registration only begins two months before the election as prescribed by law, the Musavat party has already decided to set up a campaign office.

Isa Qambar, a leader of the National Liberation Movement of Azerbaijan, had been a chairman (Bashkan) of the Musavat party for 22 years (since the day the party started its activity in 1992) until he resigned from the chairman’s post in 2014 in accordance with amendments introduced to the party statute. After resignation he set up the ‘National Center for Strategic Thinking’ NGO.  

From 1992 to 1993 Qambar held the post of parliamentary speaker and even served as Azerbaijan’s acting president for a while. He ran in the 2003 presidential election and came second after Ilham Aliyev. Qambar stood as a presidential candidate in the 2013 election, but he withdrew his name in favor of the opposition’s single nominee.

Speaking at the Musavat party’s board session, Isa Qambar outlines the key trends of his campaign platform. He stressed the importance of being determined to change the situation in the country and lead it on a sustainable development path. He also pointed to persisting Russian imperialism, which doesn’t allow the country to lead an independent life.

“Putin’s government pursues the same policy. In the Azerbaijani government there are also officials who will eagerly comply with any of Moscow’s orders for the sake of maintaining their positions and power. Should an occasion arise tomorrow, they will readily approve the restoration of the Soviet Union and the deployment of Russian troops. Such people keep playing a lead role in Azerbaijani politics,” Qambar stressed in his address. The video of this speech was also published on his Facebook page.

  •  Presidential elections in Azerbaijan are scheduled for 17 October 2018.
  •  Under the amendments introduced to the country’s constitution following the 26 September 2016 referendum, the president will be elected for seven years.
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