Zakharchenko was killed in a bomb explosion. Moscow points fingers at the ‘Kiev regime’" />

Donetsk rebel leader Zakharchenko killed in bomb explosion

Zakharchenko was killed in a bomb explosion. Moscow points fingers at the ‘Kiev regime’

Prime Minister of the self-declared Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) in eastern Ukraine Aleksandr Zakharchenko has been killed in a bomb explosion in the centre of Donetsk.

The explosion occurred in Separ Café on Pushkin Boulevard, which is located several hundred metres from Zakharchenko’s residence, Hromadske reported.

Zakharchenko’s death was confirmed by the press secretary of the Security Service of Ukraine Elena Gitlyanskaya in a comment to Hromadske. “We consider this to be the result of mutually destructive war,” Gitlyanskaya said.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that the ‘Kiev regime’ was allegedly behind the explosion and murder of the DNR leader.

The following statement was made by spokeswoman of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova:

“Concerning the murder of the leader of the DNR, the Kiev party to the war is implementing a terrorist scenario [and in doing so] exacerbating the already difficult situation in the region … Not having fulfilled the promise of peace, Kiev apparently decided to turn to bloody slaughter.”

“The [foreign] ministry has called upon the international community to demand an impartial investigation into the murder and to monitor its conduct,” she added.

The Security Service of Ukraine categorically denies accusations of its involvement.

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