The new rules have entered into effect on 1 March" />

Georgia introduces mandatory insurance for vehicles registered abroad

The new rules have entered into effect on 1 March

Starting from 1 March all vehicles which are registered abroad entering Georgia for at least 15 days will require a motor vehicle insurance policy.

A policy can be obtained right at the border checkpoint. The fee depends on the type of vehicle and duration needed. The document may be issued for 15, 30, 90 or 365 days.

A 15-day policy for a standard vehicle will cost GEL 30 (about USD 12), a 30-day policy GEL 50 (about USD 20) and a 12-month policy GEL 295 (around USD 120).  

The insurance will cover both physical and material injuries inflicted to a victim of a road accident. At the same time, heavy bodily injuries will be covered 100%, while less serious injuries will be covered either at a rate of 30% or 60%.

The insurance will not cover damages or injuries that result from non-standard conditions such as damage that results from the transportation of hazardous substances, damage caused by terrorist attacks, military operations and military maneuvers, as well as that inflicted during competitions, practicing or tests.

Under the new rules, a person driving an uninsured motorcycle or car will be fined GEL 100 (over USD 40). Driving an uninsured bus or truck will be subject to a GEL 200 fine (over USD 80).

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