Georgia is now one of the nations in the game. It uses Georgian music and Georgian speech" />

Georgia features in a popular video game

Georgia is now one of the nations in the game. It uses Georgian music and Georgian speech

Georgia is one of the nine nations featuring in the new version of the popular strategy video game Civilization. In Civilization VI: Rise and Fall, players can take on the roll of Queen Tamar and lead Georgia through all eras of the development of the civilization.

“What makes an ideal monarch?” the game developers wondered when describing the new character.

Is it someone wise and diplomatic? A forward-thinking patron of the arts or a stalwart defender of the realm? Few live up to that standard, but you can count Tamar – ruler of Georgia at the height of its golden age – among them.”

Some particular details were taken into account when developing the character and the nation:

‘Strength in Unity’ is the slogan of the Georgian civilization, and that’s exactly what is written on the Georgian emblem.

Georgians in the game have a unique combat unit called the Khevsur warriors who are particularly effective on hilly terrain. In addition, Georgians can construct a unique building called a ‘tsikhe’ (fortress) that is characterized by particular fortification features.

In the intro video Queen Tamar is dressed the same way as depicted on ancient frescos preserved in Georgian cathedrals. The video also features Georgian folk music and Queen Tamar speaking in Georgian. 

The turn-based strategy game was first developed in 1991. The players build individual empires that progresses through various epochs in history, beginning in 4000 BC. Civilization VI: Rise and Fall will be released on 8 February 2018.

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