The recently-created Young Politicians' Club discusses their first topic" />

Commonalities between South Ossetia and Catalonia

The recently-created Young Politicians' Club discusses their first topic

photo: Nelly Gabarayeva

The first meeting of the Young Politicians’ Club (YPC) has taken place in South Ossetia. It is a new discussion platform which has been created by the Committee of Information of South Ossetia. Young people who are involved in politics and who want to actively participate in the political process in South Ossetia are invited to join.

Yuri Vazagov, the chairman of the YPC told JAMnews: “They have been trying for a long time to organize a sort of expert society in the republic. However, these attempts have up until now been unsuccessful. I hope that it will work out this time and that the club will endure and stand on its own.”

The club’s first discussion topic was on the independence referendum in Catalonia and the possible influence these events may have on the situation in South Ossetia. Most of the participants agreed that assumptions made regarding the similarity of the struggle for independence in Catalonia and South Ossetia are wrong.

Mikhail Kochiev, chairman of the United Alania youth organization said it was erroneous to think that the success of Catalonian independence would serve as a precedent to change the position of Europe in relation to the independence of South Ossetia.

He further said that it is also incorrect to compare the independence referendum in Catalonia with South Ossetia.

“It is important to remember that, for us, the referendum was the only way to save ourselves from Georgian aggression, while the lives of Catalonians were not in mortal danger. It is also important to remember that the Ossetian referendum took place in accordance with USSR laws, whereas the Catalonian referendum did not follow Spain’s laws,” Mikhail Kochiev said.

The topic of the next round-table discussion will be on measures which are being taken in South Ossetia in order to achieve global recognition.

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